Funding Parameters

Prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry, organizations should review the funding parameters of the Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust (“the Trust”) to ascertain whether they are a qualifying applicant.

The Trust adheres to the following funding parameters:
  • The Trust only makes grants to Internal Revenue Code (“the Code”) Section 501(c)(3) organizations that are described in Sections 170(c)(2), 509(a), 2055(a), and 2522(a);
  • The Trust only makes grants to such foregoing organizations that primarily serve the residents of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois;
  • The Trust does not fund individuals, endowments, capital campaigns, political activity, or private foundations as defined under Section 509(a) of the Code; while the Trust will support religious or sectarian organizations, the Trust will not fund programs of those organizations that proselytize or are sectarian in purpose;
  • The Trust does not make grants to purchase tickets or tables at fundraising events, regardless of whether it has made past grants to the organization.
If an organization has questions regarding these funding parameters, it should contact the Trust.  See Contact Us.

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